Resolve to Stay on Track



It’s now nearing the end of January and for some of us, those new year’s resolutions that we were definitely going to stick with this time have already fallen by the wayside. Adding new elements to your routine (whether it’s extra workouts at the gym or more home-cooked meals during the week) can add stress to your already busy life.

We know this is a common problem. Forbes even made a list of 5 New Year’s Resolutions you are likely to break (and five you’ll probably keep)!

That’s where ScheduleThing comes in. It’s a great tool to help you keep track of a busy schedule and make time for new, healthier habits. The online scheduling software creates a place to make appointments and reservations. ScheduleThing’s purpose is to post your calendar and availability online in order for clients or customers to schedule their own appointment time with you.

The best part is, you set the parameters! Whether you’re a babysitter, attorney, real estate agent, or rely on scheduling in any other way, our software can book all of your appointments, leaving more time to do the things you really want to. The best part is, it’s free to sign up! ScheduleThing can help make your resolutions happen this year.



5 Ways to Organize Your Home Electronics

1. Manage Office Equipment

Stay organized by keeping all of your electronics up off the floor. Store things in shelves, boxes, drawers & anything else to keep your mess hidden.

2. Get Rid of Cord Clutter

Cords can be a hazard when sprawled out on the floor so keep everything bundled together and neatly placed.

3. Set Up Charging Station

Keep all of your products that need to be charged in the same area so you never have to go far or forget.

4. Use Boxes/Binders to Keep Things Organized

In order to keep your workplace organized, place all of your important items and electronics into boxes or binders. Boxes & binders can also be a way to show your creativity and personality by choosing different colors & designs.

5. Consolidate Items According to Purpose

Label each of your storage containers so you know exactly where everything is.

Once everything is perfectly organized in your home office, stay even more organized and sign up for your free online booking site to keep reservations and appointments in the same place.