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Photographers are always on the go, taking pictures of all kinds of clients in a variety of locations. Because of their hectic schedules, photographers need to stay organized and keep a calendar with all of their appointments.

This is where ScheduleThing comes to the rescue. This online scheduling software takes care of everything and  decreases the time and energy that is spent on calling around to venues, clients and anything else needed for a photo shoot.

Here are some of the best things ScheduleThing can do for a photographer:

1. Schedule locations: multiple locations or studios can be part of the scheduling options.

2. Manage equipment: resources that are needed during shoots, such as lighting, backdrops, wardrobes, and any kinds of props are able to be organized and arranged so it is easy to reserve what is needed.

3. Book individuals: clients are able to choose their specific photographer if multiple photographers are available.

4. Connect with clients: automatic emails are sent to each photographer when something is booked. Clients are able to see times and days that are available to be reserved.

5. Customization: unique URLs are given to each site while the logos/format/layout/images are completely customizable.

In the need for a new salon?

Do you work in a salon? Any type of stylist in a salon can benefit from the organization that ScheduleThing provides.

Salons are busy places with many employees who have their own client list which need to be booked and scheduled.

Here are the main reasons why ScheduleThing is the perfect addition to all salons and their employees:

1. Connect with customers- the clients of each stylist can book, reschedule or cancel their appointments on their own time based on their stylist’s availability.

2. Schedule all kinds of appointments- resources/materials can be booked by clients (coloring tools, special treatments, special occasion styling…) and appointments can be limited so no one is ever overbooked.

3. Update staff- email updates are sent to each stylist when a client has changed something to their appointment.

4. Customization- unique URLs are given to each stylist, logos/styles/layouts/format are all customizable.

5. Expand your reach- clients can instantly schedule appointments and it is easy for clients to spread the word and share the booking site with potential customers.

Style your way to a more successful business

Personal stylists and personal shoppers are in the business of making appointments and scheduling reservations with each of their clients. Whether it be an appointment to go shopping, have a fitting or reserve time in the day to help style someone’s wardrobe, the career of a personal stylist is always on the go. With such a hectic schedule and a full calendar, ScheduleThing is the perfect addition to assist in booking these appointments and making the process more efficient.

Any client can simply go to their stylist’s personal ScheduleThing website and choose the day/time that works for them and schedule an appointment of any kind. The plus to this system is that in addition to booking an appointment, the client is able to reserve specific resources that might be needed at the meeting (for example: racks of clothes, bags, shoes…)

ScheduleThing is completely customizable and will fit the aesthetic and personality of any stylist!

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Is Organization the Enemy of Creativity?

“Is creativity stifled by organization or is it easier to be creative at a company that is extremely well run?”

— this was a question posed by a reader of Inc.

These are the reasons as to why an organized company makes it easier to be creative:

1. Makes it easier to get tasks done

2. Makes it easier for individuals to experiment

3. Having structure provokes individuals to to more richer and daring work

4. Constraints can provoke original and unexpected work

5. Puts emphasis and energy on what matters to employees and customers

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Doctor, I need to see you!

Everyone goes to a doctor sometime in their life so it is impossible not to have to make an appointment with a physician. Because of the popularity that doctors seem to have, many offices are flooded with calls from new and existing patients wanting to schedule appointments.

Wouldn’t it be great if a tool existed that eliminated these ongoing calls and allowed for patients to schedule their appointment from the click of a button? Well, ScheduleThing is designed to do this! When a doctor’s office integrates this online scheduling software onto their website it can allow for anyone who wants to make an appointment with a doctor to simply go to the site, pick a date and time and then schedule the appointment. The best part, the office will not be bombarded with phone calls and will have more time to do more important tasks and answer questions over the phone instead of booking appointments.

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Battle of the Bands



Have you ever wanted to book a band, DJ, or musician to play an event or play for a weekend at a club? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to go online, find your favorite artist and book a reservation without any hassle. That is what ScheduleThing is able to do! Many of ScheduleThing’s features such as calendars, choice of resources and ability to book a specific time and date are perfect for any kind of musician.

CALLING ALL MUSICIANS: sign up for ScheduleThing now and create your customizable booking site that is unique to all of your needs.

Keep the music playing and the fun times going with the integration of ScheduleThing into your life!

Are you becoming disorganized??


Do you look like or act like this cartoon character on a daily basis? If the answer is yes, then you need to integrate more organization into your life!

Being disorganized can have many negative affects on companies, businesses and individuals. These effects may include:

1. Forgotten appointments

2. Failure to meet deadlines

3. Lack of priorities

4. Lack of time management skills

5. Failure to complete tasks

In order to stay clear of any of these effects happening, becoming more organized is essential.

One way to become more organized is to utilize an online scheduling system that can act as your personal calendar for appointments and reservations. Customers are able to go directly to your site and schedule an appointment without having to call and set up a time/day. Appointments can be made without any hassle or confusion.

Start using ScheduleThing today and feel the pressure lifted off your shoulders!



Are you currently working as a freelancer or thinking about becoming your own boss?

If so, ScheduleThing is the perfect choice for your online scheduling software.

Being a freelancer can be daunting, but here are some reasons why it can turn into a successful business:

1. You are the boss

2. Flexible schedule: Put your 9-5 work days in the past. When you are a freelancer the schedule is all up to you. This means, ScheduleThing would make as a great tool to have customers or clients book an appointment via the site.

3. Can work anywhere

4. Sense of accomplishment

5. More freedom

6. The sky is the limit!