Super Easy Booking


Yesterday was one of the greatest sports (and junk food) nights of the year. Whether you watched for the game itself or just for the commercials, we bet you were tuned in. And if you didn’t quite make it to the final minutes, we’ll just tell you— it was a close game! With a final score of 34 to 31, it wasn’t an easy game for either the Ravens or the 49ers. But while you’re probably still recovering from overindulging in wings, pizza, and nachos, we want to tell you about something that is easy: setting up a ScheduleThing account!

In just minutes, you can be scheduling your appointments and accepting reservations online from your clients. It’s as simple as entering your business’s information and creating your reservation types and resources. Once those quick steps are completed, you can start your stress-free, paperless, and professional online scheduling. You’ll have your own booking site in minutes!

And did we mention that it’s free to sign up? Touchdown!

Resolve to Stay on Track



It’s now nearing the end of January and for some of us, those new year’s resolutions that we were definitely going to stick with this time have already fallen by the wayside. Adding new elements to your routine (whether it’s extra workouts at the gym or more home-cooked meals during the week) can add stress to your already busy life.

We know this is a common problem. Forbes even made a list of 5 New Year’s Resolutions you are likely to break (and five you’ll probably keep)!

That’s where ScheduleThing comes in. It’s a great tool to help you keep track of a busy schedule and make time for new, healthier habits. The online scheduling software creates a place to make appointments and reservations. ScheduleThing’s purpose is to post your calendar and availability online in order for clients or customers to schedule their own appointment time with you.

The best part is, you set the parameters! Whether you’re a babysitter, attorney, real estate agent, or rely on scheduling in any other way, our software can book all of your appointments, leaving more time to do the things you really want to. The best part is, it’s free to sign up! ScheduleThing can help make your resolutions happen this year.






Everyone loves a good day at the spa!  But the one thing that would make it even better would being able to schedule your appointment via the internet.

ScheduleThing is just the tool to be able to make your day at the spa even better!

Any type of spa is a busy and bustling place on a daily basis. There are appointments to be made, equipment to clean and use, employees to schedule and much more. In order to make all of this go smoothly and to save time and energy, ScheduleThing can be incorporated into any spa’s way of booking and scheduling.

This online scheduling software makes everything better by:

1. Connecting with customers: anyone booking an appointment can view all available times and days. Instant updates to customers dealing with their appointments. Easy to cancel or reschedule.

2. Scheduling all kinds of appointments: massages, acupuncture, manicures/pedicures and etc.

3. Manage all of the equipment and tools: keep track of all tools and equipment that is needed for each appointment. Coordinate employees need for certain tools.

4. Expand the spa’s reach to potential customers: easy for customers to share the link with friends and potential new customers.

5. Customizable online page: unique URL for booking site. Customizable logos/formats/styles/images. Upgrades available.

Sign up now and start using ScheduleThing at your spa!

Snap My Picture


Photographers are always on the go, taking pictures of all kinds of clients in a variety of locations. Because of their hectic schedules, photographers need to stay organized and keep a calendar with all of their appointments.

This is where ScheduleThing comes to the rescue. This online scheduling software takes care of everything and  decreases the time and energy that is spent on calling around to venues, clients and anything else needed for a photo shoot.

Here are some of the best things ScheduleThing can do for a photographer:

1. Schedule locations: multiple locations or studios can be part of the scheduling options.

2. Manage equipment: resources that are needed during shoots, such as lighting, backdrops, wardrobes, and any kinds of props are able to be organized and arranged so it is easy to reserve what is needed.

3. Book individuals: clients are able to choose their specific photographer if multiple photographers are available.

4. Connect with clients: automatic emails are sent to each photographer when something is booked. Clients are able to see times and days that are available to be reserved.

5. Customization: unique URLs are given to each site while the logos/format/layout/images are completely customizable.

In the need for a new salon?

Do you work in a salon? Any type of stylist in a salon can benefit from the organization that ScheduleThing provides.

Salons are busy places with many employees who have their own client list which need to be booked and scheduled.

Here are the main reasons why ScheduleThing is the perfect addition to all salons and their employees:

1. Connect with customers- the clients of each stylist can book, reschedule or cancel their appointments on their own time based on their stylist’s availability.

2. Schedule all kinds of appointments- resources/materials can be booked by clients (coloring tools, special treatments, special occasion styling…) and appointments can be limited so no one is ever overbooked.

3. Update staff- email updates are sent to each stylist when a client has changed something to their appointment.

4. Customization- unique URLs are given to each stylist, logos/styles/layouts/format are all customizable.

5. Expand your reach- clients can instantly schedule appointments and it is easy for clients to spread the word and share the booking site with potential customers.

Style your way to a more successful business

Personal stylists and personal shoppers are in the business of making appointments and scheduling reservations with each of their clients. Whether it be an appointment to go shopping, have a fitting or reserve time in the day to help style someone’s wardrobe, the career of a personal stylist is always on the go. With such a hectic schedule and a full calendar, ScheduleThing is the perfect addition to assist in booking these appointments and making the process more efficient.

Any client can simply go to their stylist’s personal ScheduleThing website and choose the day/time that works for them and schedule an appointment of any kind. The plus to this system is that in addition to booking an appointment, the client is able to reserve specific resources that might be needed at the meeting (for example: racks of clothes, bags, shoes…)

ScheduleThing is completely customizable and will fit the aesthetic and personality of any stylist!

Sign-up now!

Is Organization the Enemy of Creativity?

“Is creativity stifled by organization or is it easier to be creative at a company that is extremely well run?”

— this was a question posed by a reader of Inc.

These are the reasons as to why an organized company makes it easier to be creative:

1. Makes it easier to get tasks done

2. Makes it easier for individuals to experiment

3. Having structure provokes individuals to to more richer and daring work

4. Constraints can provoke original and unexpected work

5. Puts emphasis and energy on what matters to employees and customers

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