Are you currently working as a freelancer or thinking about becoming your own boss?

If so, ScheduleThing is the perfect choice for your online scheduling software.

Being a freelancer can be daunting, but here are some reasons why it can turn into a successful business:

1. You are the boss

2. Flexible schedule: Put your 9-5 work days in the past. When you are a freelancer the schedule is all up to you. This means, ScheduleThing would make as a great tool to have customers or clients book an appointment via the site.

3. Can work anywhere

4. Sense of accomplishment

5. More freedom

6. The sky is the limit!








Never look at another post-it again! Do not worry about the loads of papers you have accumulating on your desk. No need to always depend on your calendar or planner to stay organized and schedule your appointments.

Sign up for your own online scheduling site and start becoming less cluttered!

Calling All Teachers!


Lets take a minute and talk about teachers.

Teachers are essential in everyone’s life. No matter how young or how old you are, every person encounters a teacher sometime in their life. Because of this, teachers tend to be very busy and sometimes overwhelmed with grading, office hours, meetings with parents/other teachers and just trying to do their best every single day.

So, if you are an overwhelmed and busy teacher, why not find something that can help decrease your stress levels and make your life a little bit easier? This is where ScheduleThing comes into play.

ScheduleThing is a GREAT tool for teachers because it creates another space to make appointments and reservations. For example, if you teach various classes and offer many times/days for office hours you are bound to be flooded with emails from all of your students. Instead of reading through every email, figuring out time slots and then emailing everyone back, ScheduleThing does everything for you. The purpose of the online scheduling software is to publicize your calendar and availability in order for each individual to schedule an appointment on their own.

Does this sound great or what?

Never worry about responding to emails or double-booking. The accessibility and efficiency of ScheduleThing is there to erase all of your stress and book all of your appointments.

Create your own booking site now and make everyone in your academic life happy as well as yourself!


5 Ways to Organize Your Home Electronics

1. Manage Office Equipment

Stay organized by keeping all of your electronics up off the floor. Store things in shelves, boxes, drawers & anything else to keep your mess hidden.

2. Get Rid of Cord Clutter

Cords can be a hazard when sprawled out on the floor so keep everything bundled together and neatly placed.

3. Set Up Charging Station

Keep all of your products that need to be charged in the same area so you never have to go far or forget.

4. Use Boxes/Binders to Keep Things Organized

In order to keep your workplace organized, place all of your important items and electronics into boxes or binders. Boxes & binders can also be a way to show your creativity and personality by choosing different colors & designs.

5. Consolidate Items According to Purpose

Label each of your storage containers so you know exactly where everything is.

Once everything is perfectly organized in your home office, stay even more organized and sign up for your free online booking site to keep reservations and appointments in the same place. 

Interior Decorators

Whether it be your living room or kitchen, interior decorating can solve any home design dilemmas.

When choosing an interior decorator, why not make it easy and instead of shuffling through papers and then having to call around to multiple candidates and set up appointments, simply go online and with the click of a button schedule your appointment. Everything is at your convenience and no one is wasting time on the phone and discussing potential dates. Search through the calendar, find an available time & day and then just click.

It is THAT simple!

Have all your decorator friends create their own online free booking site to make it fast & easy to schedule an appointment to start designing your house!


Online Organization vs. Paper & Pencil Organization


Why should anyone create a website in order to organize their appointments?

Easy answer, because online organization is faster, more efficient and easier to navigate compared to classic pencil and paper ways to organize.

Just think, if you were to only make reservations and appointments over the phone then the time you could have spent doing more important tasks was spent talking to customers and answering questions that a website easily could have done for you.

Online scheduling is the solution for anyone in a profession that thrives on maintaining a consistent customer base.

When first upgrading from paper and pencil scheduling you must rememberthree important things:

1. Embrace your personality!!

– When creating an online presence you must always embrace who you are and what you are all about. Never disguise yourself! If you are a photographer, make your site creative and fun to look at. If you are a doctor, make your profile professional and mature.

2. Commit

– Once you develop a ScheduleThing site do not forget about it! Commit to your new organization plan and utilize the website to its fullest potential.

3. Use your resources

-If you are new to the online world and are clueless in how to approach the situation do not be afraid to get help. First, check out the ScheduleThing website and watch the introductory video, read the guidelines and look through example sites. Then, ask a colleague or friend who is sufficient in “internet language.”

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Organization, What is the Point?

What is the point of being organized? Have you ever had someone ask you this question or overhead people talking about organization and why it is said everyone should embody organizational characteristics and skills.

Well, the answer is simple. EVERYONE can benefit from obtaining a few organizational skills. The first step towards becoming an organized individual is to understand why organization can be essential in your daily life. Here are the top 5 reasons to be organized:

1. Reduces Stress: no need to worry about not making a deadline or forgetting about an appointment, once organization is implemented into your life say goodbye to worries!

2. Saves Time: never again will you need to waste precious time or have to reschedule anything due to your lack of organization.

3. Manages Your Workload: organizational tools such as calendars, lists, online scheduling sites, agendas/planners and reminders are great ways manage anyone’s hectic work duties and tasks.

4. Prioritizes Your Schedule: If you find it difficult to prioritize and manage your time well, then becoming organized is the best solution. When organization is applied into daily life, tasks are clearly defined. Time does not wait for anyone or anything, so managing the time you do have is important.

5. Less Forgetful: When something is not written down it is very common to forget what you were supposed to do. Because of this forgetfulness that everyone is guilty of having happen to them, organizing and writing down tasks/deadlines/meetings and etc.. is extremely important.

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